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MTI extensions

If an MTI doctor’s initial visa was issued for less than 24 months and their employer wishes to extend their placement, they must submit an MTI Extension application form to us. The form must be submitted with approval from the doctor’s GMC sponsor within four weeks of the visa expiration date. Extensions of any length must be authorised by the local deanery.

A Temporary Work — Government Authorised Exchange visa cannot be extended beyond 24 months. If a doctor has already been issued a 24-month visa, an extension is not possible.

All extension requests must be submitted with:

  • A new Data protection consent form signed by the doctor
  • For overseas-funded posts, documentary evidence from the funding organisation confirming it will cover the extension time.

The doctor’s NHS employer will need to conduct a new right to work check after an extension has been issued. Employers can perform the right to work check after the doctor has applied for their share code.

Once the Academy has issued a CoS for an extension, the doctor must submit their extension application to UKVI before the expiration of their current visa, otherwise they will be in breach of their visa conditions and their sponsorship may be withdrawn. However, if a doctor submits their extension application in time but does not receive a response from UKVI before their visa expires, they can continue working (see the Home Office’s 3C leave provision).