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MTI Application form

Doctors applying to work in the UK under the MTI scheme are required to provide the following information. This is kept in the UK Visa and Immigration Sponsorship Management System (UKVI SMS). All information must be is true and correct.


Name. This must be entered exactly as it appears in the doctor’s passport.


Home address. This is the residential address of the doctor at the time of the application, which must be outside the UK. Provide the postcode or equivalent where possible.The Academy prioritises applications based on the doctor’s country of residence, not their country of birth or passport. Countries classified as low and lower-middle income by the World Bank are given high priority status.


Email address. Include the doctor’s personal email address.


A clear copy of the doctor’s passport. We recommend the doctor’s current passport is valid for the duration of their entire placement.


All MTI applications and reports must include an up-to-date data protection consent form signed by the doctor. For more information see the Academy information policy.

Doctors wishing to practise in the UK must be registered with the GMC and have a full license to practice With each application we require one of the following as evidence of GMC registration:

  • GMC certificate.
  • GMC registration letter.
  • A copy of the email from the GMC inviting the doctor for an ID check, which must state that the doctor’s registration and licence to practise is subject to the ID check.

Employing organisation. This is the NHS organisation hiring the doctor.


Main place of work. The specific hospital or medical facility where the doctor’s placement will be.


Level of post. The level of the doctor’s training post.


Title of post. The doctor’s job title. The standard title for MTI placements is International Training Fellow.


Specialty. The clinical field in which the doctor will be training. A sub-specialty can also be listed on the application form.


Start date of the placement. This is the first day of the doctor’s employment. We suggest that the start date is no sooner than four weeks after the date their application is submitted to us.


End date of placement. This can be any date up to 24 months after the start date.


24 months is the maximum length of time a Temporary Worker visa holder can remain and work in the UK. Doctors on placements shorter than 24 months can have their visa and work dates extended.


Hours of work per week. UK law restricts workers from working more than an average of 48 hours per week unless by agreement. For more information see the UK Government guidance on Working Time Regulations.


MTI doctors are also permitted to do supplementary or locum work in the same NHS organisation if:

  • The job is on the shortage occupation list of the Home Office’s Immigration Rules, or in the same sector and at the same level as the work for which the CoS was assigned
  • The additional contracted locum work must not exceed 20 hours a week. The locum hours are counted within the 48-hour limit (Working Time Regulations guidance)
  • The work is outside the working hours for which the certificate of sponsorship was issued. 


Note: Details of any supplementary or locum work must be submitted to us using the exception report before the changes occur so that we can report them to UKVI. If the changes are not reported to us in a timely manner, the doctor may be in breach of their visa conditions. In such cases, we reserve the right to withdraw our visa sponsorship.


Each MTI application must clearly state how the placement will be funded confirming the ability to fund the post and acknowledgement that the MTI doctor will have no recourse to public funds during their placement.


Source of funding. Who will fund the training, usually the NHS employing organisation or an overseas institution. If the post is NHS-funded, no further documentary evidence of funding is required by us. However, if the post is either fully or partially funded by an overseas government or institution, documentary evidence must be provided and must match the amount on the doctor’s application form. Documentation from the funding organisation should include the doctor’s name and salary and length of placement. It must also confirm that funding will cover the entire period.


Gross salary. This must be the exact salary for doctor, not a salary range. It must be given in Pound Sterling (GBP) regardless of whether the post is funded by the NHS or not.


Additional allowances. This includes on-call banding, overtime, or weighting e.g. London banding. It must be the specific amount, not a a banding percentage.


It is recommended that an MTI doctor’s total remuneration (including income from sources outside the NHS, e.g. payment/sponsorship from an overseas government/health ministry, substantive employer, etc.) should be no less than the minimum point of the pay scale of the grade which most closely matches the level of responsibility carried by the post. NHS Employers website lists current pay scales.


The employing organisation is also expected to certify that maintenance will be provided for the doctor for the first month after their arrival, up to £1,270, if there is an issue with their salary. Employing organisations can decline to certify maintenance for doctors’ dependants. If you decide to decline maintenance for dependants, please email to confirm this decision.