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Exception reports

As the national visa sponsor, the Academy is responsible for informing UKVI of any changes to their circumstances throughout their placements.

The NHS employer is responsible for submitting the details of any such changes to the
us via an MTI Exception report. Changes in circumstance might include:

  • If a doctor fails to start work within 28 days of their agreed start date we must notify UKVI within 10 days of the occurrence.
  • Extended absences from work of more than four weeks without pay (beyond the existing statutory exceptions, such as parental leave).
  • A doctor moving to a different role within the same place of employment.
  • Changes to a doctor’s salary and/or working hours.
  • If a doctor wishes to undertake any supplementary/locum work.
  • Statutory maternity or paternity leave.
  • Changes to a doctor’s UK residential address.
  • Information which suggests that the MTI doctor is breaching the conditions of their leave.
  • Information suggesting criminal activity or other activities in contravention of the doctor’s visa conditions.